Above is a picture of Junior and his wife Love.

Who We Are

Our mission statement at The House of Moses is that we exist to disciple High School students, who have been given up by their parents/families, holistically as leaders for a purposeful reentry into their culture.


What started as a family, living in northwestern Haiti, centered on the teachings of Jesus, for the purpose of showing the life he offers to the world. Our family at one time consisted of 18 people living in the same house. With a focus on our identity in Christ, we leared what it was to live as one heart and mind. Through mistakes made and victories celebrated, we experienced what it is to love as Christ has called us to love. As we enter HoM PHASE 2 our hope is to one day see the fruit of: faithful husbands and wives that live in Haiti. Dads and moms who show their children who Christ is, through the modeling of their lives. Families who have accepted the challenge of surrender to be a light to a very dark world showing the only hope we have is in Jesus Christ. We call it the House of Moses.

"The HoM family teaches us how to grow our faith with God, how to love others, how to become a leader, how to become good examples, how to be thankful and so much more all that is for God’s glory. God bless you all my HoM family."  -Junior