University Students 

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Vladimir- Bakersfield College 

Vladimir works on his campus and is involved in student leadership as he completes his
graphics design degree with pre-requisites for architecture. He serves in children’s
ministry at his church and is a blessing to his community. He recently moved
independently and continues to need any support that God would lead in to complete his
financial tuition. We are beyond thankful for the provision of monthly living & food


After nearly finishing her pre-requisites for nursing school at Bakersfield college the past
year and a half (with honors on Dean’s List!), she was hosted by an HOM board member
to continue her AA Science towards nursing school at a wonderful program in the Dallas
area, then was FINALLY accepted into TSU and began class today! Dropping her off at
the nursing building was surreal! TSU has specific pre-requisite courses that you have to
take there before being fully accepted into the nursing program. She is officially
applying NOW and needs your fervent prayer! 

Ognot- Port Au Prince, Haiti 

 He too has suffered from stomach ulcers and illness over the past
several months, but his sponsor family has amazingly supported his medical and needs.
He is healing but still needs prayers. He too is able to finally restart school this Fall with
the University of Port au Prince, in computer science as it reopens. This young man’s
perseverance is amazing. Both of our Port au Prince Haiti students endure incredible
adversity trying to get to school, maintain grades and studying with little electricity and
chaotic conditions. 

Lovelie- Port Au Prince, Haiti 

 What mountains this warrior has overcome! She has been ill for the
past few months due to stress and conditions in Port au Prince but she was able to test
and return to the University of Port au Prince this Fall as she progresses successfully in
Business Administration. We are overwhelmed by the greatness of God’s ongoing
provision and ask prayers for continued healing! 

Nolphky (KiKi)- UTESA Santiago, DR 

Nolphky’s ambition to complete his surgeon degree and God’s sustaining grace and
provision for his to do so are a blessing to witness! He continues to be hopeful and we are
beyond thankful for the commitment of his incredible sponsor who even purchased him a
new computer to continue his studies through the pandemic!