In December 2011, the Barnes family moved to Haiti to work alongside a mission. While at the mission, 12 Haitian students were placed in their lives. The more time the Barnes family interacted with these 12, the more they saw transparency, hope, and love.


More time invested resulted in more return amongst the 12, which led John and Christi Barnes to begin the House of Moses.


On June 14th, the five barnes, twelve Haitian students, and one interpreter, moved into a home in Saint Louis du Nord, Haiti. Although it was a huge scary step of faith, the results were quickly exponentially seen in growth in the students' lives.


In 2012 HoM moved to Port de Paix, Haiti to allow the Haitian students to attend better high schools.  

With growth, challenges, and blessing from 2012-2016 the House of Moses family hosted English club, Children's back yard clubs, interns, and led mission teams/groups to minister to their community.

Currently, sponsored students, staff and family range from three different countries and areas of Port au Prince to Port de Paix where growth and ministry continue...