John and Christi Barnes

House Parents

Through a series of fortunate events, John and Christi fell in love and married in 1999. Thinking that they would stay on the farm John was raised on, they began making many plans for a future in livestock and Youth Ministry. That bubble was busted when God called John and Christi to a church in Dallas, Texas for John to serve as a Youth Pastor. Over the next few years their journey included a call to Greeley, Colorado and later back to Texas. While in Greeley, Christi traveled to Haiti for the first time where she fell deeply in love with the people of Haiti. On her return she emphatically insisted that John travel to Haiti to experience what she had, which he did. During the next seven years, Christi consistently and silently prayed for John to have the same love as she did for Haiti. On December 27th, 2011, Christi's prayers finally became a reality as this family of five boarded a plane to serve in the poorest region of Haiti, the Northwest zone.


Discipler and Interpreter

Johnny began the journey with us on June 14th when we moved into our first HoM residence. His love for Christ is contagious and challenging to the students at HoM. Johnny helps in interpreting, discipleship, and leading mission teams. Johnny longs to see Haiti changed at the very core and he believes the best possibly way is by training leaders to bring change with a foundation of discipleship.


Discipler and Security

Kesey came on full time with the House of Moses in July, 2013. Kesey has a powerful story of restoration in his own life which he uses to disciple three of the boys at HoM. If you spend any time with Kesey you will quickly see and feel his great joy.  


Discipler and Cook

Imadel has also been with us since day one of the House of Moses. Although her primary job is cooking for the large HoM family, she is also an asset to the students at HoM, as you will find many of the students gathered around her throughout the day as she cooks.  


HoM Maintenance

Deus is our newest employee at House of Moses. With a heart to serve others first, he sets an example in all he does. Deus has the natural ability to fix anything. Whether it is the HoM truck or a maintenance issue with our house, Deus is capable of working on just about anything.